New Decor Design/Remodel Services

If you are needing help with a new home or just a remodel of your home, we can help you with either project. 
Our team of professionals; will provide you with everything that you will need----from color finishes, accessories, flooring, lighting, product sourcing at my wholesale costs, furniture placement and beyond. We will provide you with a customized plan showing you how all your decor desires come together to achieve the look and style you are seeking....while staying within your required budget!
The initial consultation (minimum of 2 hours only) for a "new decor design or a remodel design" is $175.00. If there is a request for the decor and design placement, you will be charged $75.00/hr (3 hour minimum) for the time in which we will be in your home to decorate the projects (along with the costs of any materials, furniture and accessories as approved by you.
If this is the type of project you need, please feel free to contact us or call the showroom #281.861.9292