Debi's Story

I am so happy you are here....and can't wait for you to become a part of the "Yaya Sisterhood"! (You know that movie...about the Yaya's from Louisiana right)? Well, the name came from my Meme's that were Cajun and practiced "HooDoo"....and if you look up HooDoo you will see that a "Yaya" (a Haitian word...not just a Greek word), is a woman of reverence, nurturing, and strong in her morals and beliefs.

My showroom is not just about "buying" something, it is a “sisterhood” of women that come together and not only shop, but sit down for an ice tea or just to talk about their day---and LOTS of laughter.
My goal is to make sure EVERY woman that walks into the showroom feel welcomed and loved. My staff and I are here to serve YOU and help you find that special outfit, jewelry or gift that will to uplift your day. I truly feel and believe that our fashion and home tells our love story. So, we are here to help you tell your own love story!

My greatest gift to my customers is not only the great products, but our "Yaya Sista Tribe"...these are a collection of bracelets and cuffs (since 2007) that we celebrate every month a new series; along with our "Giving Circle". My ladies bring a donation for a local charity that we pick that month and in return they get a FREE Yaya bracelet! So make sure you join our "Yaya Tribe" to help us give back to others that are less fortunate than ourselves!
Now a wee bit about me....I am a Cajun who crossed the Great Sabine to marry her Texan over 30 years ago, with three wonderful grown children, beautiful grand babies and grand doggies!

As a jewelry artist, and fashion can be guaranteed that when you own one of my designs---you own a piece of history!
A peek inside my private studio....