Decor "Touch Up"

Sometimes all a client needs is a "refresh" of a particular area in their home, but is not quite sure how to go about it or how to accomplish it.  The service provided helps you figure out how to create and decorate a specific space in your home. First, we incorporate the items that you already have available in your home and then we make suggestions and provide ideas to improve the overall space; such as paint, furniture or accessories. Most times, all it takes is "restaging" your room to achieve the look you are wanting!
This initial consultation is $175.00 (minimum of 2 hours and one room only). We will meet with you for the consultation and then you will be emailed all the suggestions we made along with access to specific products or furniture that we suggested, if needed.
If we are asked to actually do the decor placement, you will be charged $75.00/hr (minimum of 3 hours) for the time in which we will be in your home to decorate the room as approved by you.
If this is the type of project you need, please feel free to contact us or call the showroom #281.861.9292