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How do we choose window treatments?

How do we choose window treatments?

Picking a style of window treatments can be pretty stressful at times, but if you know just some simple ways to solve this confusion----it can help make those choices much easier!


When I help a client decide on window treatments, I always look at what room we are designing and of course the "style" the client wants in a particular room. In a kitchen, bathroom or even a laundry room, I normally use window treatments that will bring in the most natural light; such as, blinds, shutters, sheers or sometimes no treatments. 

We look at other types of window treatments for bedrooms...obviously because of privacy! These style are usually a heavier style and usually "layered" in order to give more natural light during the day and the privacy needed at night.

Normally, I use either a blind or shutter for the first layer and then heavy tall drapes for the second over lay to be able to close at night.


In the "living spaces" in a home, you can really get creative! The window treatments will be based upon the "use" of the room, giving it a "mood" for the room, and this time based upon what type of "view" you have from these rooms!

You can choose to do no window treatments to keep the "view", or pick heavy dramatic drapes and materials depending on your style....or just go with a simple blind. I believe these rooms can be the most difficult to pick from, but if you just keep in mind the "view", what the room is being used for, and your particular 'style' then it does help make these choices a bit easier!


Have fun with picking a window treatment and try to see the windows as a painting and what type of "frame" you want to use!

Until next time....debi