How to adjust to the times...

in owning a business!

I have found over the last 11 years of owning a business your demographics and customers can change. I always say "women are a forever moving target", and I always have to learn how to adjust to that. Not an easy task....

I have found that there are certain products that women will always want---hand crafted unique treasures. I have noticed that as my customer over the last 11 years has grown older----they are starting to "down size" their buying. Especially in home decor. However, all my customers seem to LOVE "handmade items" for their home and gifts.

So, as a boutique owner, designer and stylist---I am always trying to figure out what my customers want. And of course it helps, when you listen to what they want!

Therefore, we are going to be changing things up a bit here in the showroom... going back to when I started the boutique in 2007.  Beginning with offering more "wearable art through jewels and accessories", DIY workshops and so much more. So, I guess the saying is true---"what goes around comes back around" where I go back to "telling the story" about my designs and artwork.

So stay I take this all back to the beginning and will be so much fun!

Until next time...xoxo deb


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