How to decorate those awkward upper cabinet spaces????

How to decorate those awkward upper cabinet spaces????

If you are lucky to have cabinets all the way to the ceiling then you don't have to worry about having that extra space between your ceiling and kitchen cabinets to decorate. I see it as "wasted space", and as an interior decorator the kitchen just doesn't look completed. 

But, if you are like me----I have those type of cabinets and here are a few things I have done over the years to take up some of that space....

  • you can either use real ones if you have a great green thumb and are willing to bring them down once a week or so to take care of them....or you can do "faux" plants and just bring them down once a month to dust them off. 

  • Or use some pretty baskets for extra storage....
  •  Another fun way to decorate those upper cabinets is with art work....(just make sure you measure first how much room you have so they can "lean" against the upper don't have to hang them)

  • Now we all have some sort of "collection" in our kitchens, right? so why not use some of your collections to show them off (if you don't use them everyday of course) such as white pitchers....

  • another fun way to decorate those upper cabinets is with TRAYS that lean against the wall, and they can be used like a "back drop" for your plants or your collections....and they look great just by themselves. (Again just make sure you know your measurements so that they fit and lean nicely against the wall!

    Remember you don't have to fill up the ENTIRE area....just place items in "odd numbers"..."3 or 5" is best, or even just "1" beautiful piece of art or a collection of candle holders!

 (All the above photos are available on Wayfair....this is not a promotion post for Wayfair)

Now let me show you what I am going to be doing in my own kitchen! I have decided to take the "stick on tiles" from Home Depot that are on my kitchen island and put them on the back wall of the upper cabinets.  Of course you can also just use wallpaper....and best of all---NO DUSTING. 

I will also be painting the trim on the uppers in black just like I did the rest of my trim around my cabinets!

Let me know what you plan on doing...or have already done!


From our home to yours....xoxo   debi


  • Hi Victoria! Thanks for commenting and I will definitely post pics when it is completed! xoxo debi
  • great ideas…can’t wait to see your kitchen redo completed

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