What makes a good decorator?

I know there are A LOT of people that call themselves "decorators" and that is good. But please know that a designer and decorator that is certified has to learn MANY principles and elements of design. We have to learn how to work with contractors, how to work with the elements of a room, color, textures, flooring, lighting, and SO MUCH more before we actually "design or decorate" someone's home. 

There are 8 basic elements of design...line, space, shape, form, texture, color, light and time. These are all things that cannot be removed from any room, you can alter their look but they MUST be included into EVERY space to get a true and balanced look in a room.

When I consult with a potential new client, there are many questions that I go through with them so that we BOTH have an idea of what is expected and most of all the BUDGET! I call this my "informal interview"....

There are "9" basic questions I ask to get the information I need to make sure the project is going to be a right fit for both my company and the potential client:

  • Who is living in the home, and how do each of them use the space being decorated?
  • The habits and lifestyle of each person using the space?
  • The color and style desires of each person using the space?
  • What of the existing "elements" will remain as is and which ones changed?
  • What do the clients want in new surfaces, furniture or other items?
  • How does the client wish to interact with other people using the space?
  • How long does the client plan to use this space with the new design?
  • What is the budget and time line?

These are just basic ones and of course each space is different in what questions are asked....but you get the idea.

As a decorator, I must be well aware of the lifestyle of my client...kids? pets? work from home? travel? etc.  Because the lifestyle of my client, will determine how the room is designed and decorated from the right kind of paint, the right fabrics, to the type of flooring that will work best for their lifestyle.  

This is one of the major reasons we get our degree and/or certification. So, client beware...I know everyone believes that heck, Joanne Gaines, doesn't have any formal education on design...but, remember her husband, Chip, is a certified contractor and already knows the ins and outs of structure and materials. Yes, some people have an "eye" for decorating....but, there are always exceptions to that rule.  So, just make sure before you hire someone....do your research and HOMEWORK!

From our home to yours....xoxo  debi

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