Welcome to the "DLD Yaya Sisterhood"....

and I am so excited you are here! Those that know me know that I am from the beautiful bayous of Louisiana. My ancestors are both Cajun and Muskogee Creek and I have been taught some extremely wonderful spiritual paths and lessons from both of these wonderful and beautiful cultures!

My designs and my business has ALWAYS been about connecting and supporting other women.....NOT just about wearable art. What makes my designs and business different?

Well, those that know me know that when they purchase my designs there is a "history" to the jewels. I call it my "universal connection". My work is showing the world that through the spirit of the jewels and the materials I use in my artwork, we as women can unite and support each other no matter where we live or what our "religious" beliefs are. 

My clients over the past 30 years have become a tribe of women that feel part of the "DLD Yaya Sisterhood" where they all love and support one another. I have watched over the years where the Creator and spirit bring these women together for a love and connection to each other----even though they may be strangers---but, they always leave my events feeling "supported and loved"! They laugh a lot, hug a lot....and some even cry together, because God has brought them into each others path to show they are not alone in whatever struggles or day to day issues they may be having. I am just "the bridge"....

I do not design---just to design---I am here to show you a piece of history and feeling "connected" to the jewels or artwork.  Each design or art piece will speak to your own spirit, and you will know when it calls to you. Let the "spirit of the jewels" tell you their story!

I am now working on how to bring more of you into this tribe "on a virtual basis" since not everyone can be here physically---because you CAN BE a part of this wonderful tribe of women spiritually....AND that is my goal!

So welcome to the "DLD Yaya Sisterhood"--- and until I see you again, may God and Spirit continue to bless you and your loved ones!


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