Updating Your Room Decor....for LESS!

If you are like me, I like to update rooms in my home from time to time; especially as the seasons change! So here are some great ways to update a room without spending a fortune....

- Rearrange your furniture and accessories (which is FREE)! First, empty out everything in the room so that you can start with a fresh clean palette; then think of what do you want this room to feel like? Do you need more conversation areas? A place to curl up with a good book? Or a better way for watching TV? These questions will help you decide on the "style" you are wanting!

(I took this image from a new magazine, "Scandi At Home".
Sad part is that this cannot be found anywhere on the internet! But, I did run across it at Barnes & Noble)

- Shop your own home (which is FREE)! This is the time to "think outside the box". Just because it may be a dresser doesn't mean it has to be. It can make a great side board or console; or a console table or small desk can become a side table next to your bed. Once you get all the furniture placed like you want to....now shop your home for all those wonderful accessories you can bring in from another room----remember make it "unexpected".  This is so much fun to do; and it can change an entire look and feel of a room!

(image I took from one of my fav books...A Life Less Ordinary)

- Get some new decor pillows! Just adding some new pillows to your furniture will make a HUGE impact. You can get some great deals on pillows that won't break the bank....at Home Goods, Amazon, and Hobby Lobby. OR get some wonderful place mats you like and sew your own pillows.  Just sew all three edges, stuff with an old pillow or get some pillow stuffing and then sew the last edge! easy peasy and so affordable!

- Add a new rug or grab one from another part of your house! Main thing to remember here is getting the right size (see my previous blog post). You can find great deals on Amazon, USA Rugs, Home Goods or any of your favorite places to shop rugs at a discount! A new rug makes a wonderful and fresh new look!

- Add some new wall art! I know you think this can be expensive, but one of my secrets is that I take a print of a picture that I love and send it to "Easy Canvas Prints". There are so many ways they will do your art for you at unbelievable prices! 

(I had the church printed on ship lap,
and the angel on canvas and then framed.)

These are just a few easy and affordable ways to update your home without breaking the bank and will give you a space that you LOVE!

Until next time, remember to let your home tell YOUR life story! xoxox  debi

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