Tips on how to decorate with accessories no matter what your style!

Tips on how to decorate with accessories no matter what your style!

One of the most difficult things people tend to have trouble with when decorating their home is when it comes to the accessories.  So, here are a few tips that we use as decorators based on a few different styles...

Bathrooms (modern Farmhouse style)....keep it simple and a similar color palette! Greenery ALWAYS brings warmth to the design. Decorate in "odd" numbers....on the bottom shelve I would have moved the glass jars closer to the right and add a small tea light candle. The top shelve is perfect!


Bedrooms (Mid-Century Style): stay with clean lines in your accessories, this is where you can really bring in pops of color for this style! I would have added a different color picture frame in order to stay with a mid-century style, even a white would have worked. Again the mix of texture of metals and fabric with the lamp pull this look together.  But again, simple and "odd" number of items.


Kitchens (Traditional Style):

Traditional kitchens tend to concentrate on the cabinets and furniture and wood work. The accessories are all actually displayed and used; they are usually not for just "decor" purposes. But, the same principles apply...odd numbers, non clutter and a more natural decor to match the kitchen color palettes.

Living Room (Coastal):

The coastal Hampton style is mainly about the color and comfort palette. But the accessories are much more a traditional style of specific colors and shapes. The same rules apply...."odd" numbers, lots of different shapes, designed for guests and family to feel free to just plop down anywhere and relax. There is quite a bit more freedom in this style with accessories!

Bookshelves (the most challenging for people to decorate, besides the fireplace mantel):

The bookshelf for any style can be challenging (except in modern or minimalist)....which means some shelves are left empty. Here again is where you take each shelve individually. Use the rule of "odds" and DON'T clutter! only use items that mean the MOST to you! Make sure all the books are similar in size and color...that is why you see some of them on their sides and others are showing the "page" side of the book that are all similar in color. VERY SOOTHING on the eyes! This is a GREAT example on how to accessorize a bookshelf! 

I have total confidence in you that if you apply just these few simple tips, you will be able to work wonders with your accessories! Don't ever feel you have to use everything all at once....put some away to exchange out for another time. That way you keep it fresh and don't grow tired of looking at it. 

From our home to yours.....xoxox  debi

(all these pictures are from Wayfair, that I use for my clients and have a trade account with)






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