Preparing for the fall....

Preparing for the fall....

my favorite time of year! I love everything about Fall, because this is the time of year I actually slow my pace down and reflect on the simple things going on in my space. Especially before the holidays start to go full speed....but, this year I am striving to make everyday and every season like I do in the Fall!

to setting our breakfast table (even if it is just the two of us now)...

And of course, I LOVE getting our front porch ready to greet friends and family!

Here in the Bayou City, it gets so hot during our summers that we do not cook much inside our kitchen....normally we do a LOT of outdoor cooking; BUT come the fall and winter----it is all about cooking in our home with my loving cast iron skillets!

(which I will be sharing with you great recipes for the fall and winter)

And of course...there is always "healthy" cookies and almond milk on hand to cozy up with during the football games!

So many new things happening and I am so happy you are on this journey with me and my family and can't wait to share how you too can slow the pace down a bit and enjoy those special little moments we tend to miss when we aren't still for a minute!

From our home to yours....xoxo  debi


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