How to Prepare for Christmas Decorating.....

I get asked all the time "how do you prepare for Christmas decorating, without getting overwhelmed?"

Here is what I do to start the process the week before Thanksgiving:

  • First, I picked my "theme" in January of the color scheme I wanted to do, and throughout the year I would search for those specific colors to use from displays, to ornaments, to ribbons and anything else that I could use. I only buy about 30% of new items that I will need. (If you read my previous post, about choosing a theme you will see how you start with your basic colors and add to it every year in order to give you a new refreshed look without having to spend a lot of money!)

  • I then go through all my Christmas decor that will go with my theme for the year. I first get the basics I always start with every, silver, white and clear. Fortunately, I have these all organized in marked bins so I just pull them out. This year I wanted to go with more of a "glittery romantic" look since I picked rose gold for my accents this year. I went through all the bins and only pulled out those items that would go with my theme. Those that didn't go with the "glittery" look I packed up and stored away again. I begin to separate the "ball ornaments" from the "special style of ornaments".

  • Now that all of those are separated out by color and style of ornament, I then move onto the extra items, such as floral, greenery and ribbon. Again I just go through all the boxes and pull out what matches my theme and I feel I can use. If it doesn't fit the theme, back into the storage it goes.

  • Now it is time to go through all those wonderful Christmas goodies we have that are used on our mantles, tables, etc...For me, this is what "pulls" the entire home together. Again, I only pulled out items (even from my everyday home decor) that I thought would match the theme for the year.

Now that I have pretty much got everything "organized" so that I can see it all out....I ALWAYS start with my Christmas tree first because it is the MAIN focal point in the room....I also have 4 fireplaces, and those are the focal points I decorate next.

We are now prepared to let the decorating begin without feeling overwhelmed and totally organized!

Until next time, remember to let your home tell YOUR life story! xoxox  debi

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