Inspiration for Fall Decor!

Inspiration for Fall Decor!

I always try to create things for my home and customers, to give something special that no one else has.

This year for the fall, I am going to be using the colors of gray and white, with a touch of antiqued gold and silver.

I am always asked where I get my inspiration from for decor? Well, when you have been doing this for a living for 20+ comes from everywhere. Sometimes it is a painting, a textile, fashion, and I just put colors together that are pleasing and calming to the eye. 

One thing about being an artist...I have learned and studied a lot about color and what it will do in different lighting and shades. It took many years to learn how to combine colors and how light can change it. Heck you can paint your entire house in the exact same color, and each room will appear different----all because of light!

Can't wait to show you what my colors for Christmas are going to be....and where the inspiration came from!

From our home to yours....debi


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