Have you been programmed to believe....

that as a woman earning LOTS of  "money" is not always a good thing? 

I have been in business for 30 years now and I decided to hire a business coach. I know what you are thinking "WHY"????? since you have been in business for so long; Debi, you should already know all of this.

Well, marketing is not the same as it was back in the 80's or even just a few years ago----thanks to the SmartPhone and social media. It is NEVER to late to learn new things....and it is fun and good to have someone to discuss your business goals with besides your family.

I have been floundering into trying to figure out if I really want to have a business anymore; since I am 61 now and everyone keeps telling me---"It's time to retire, and travel"! Well, I have already been there, done that.  I have traveled and lived all over the world, so that doesn't appeal to me. I LOVE to create for my customers, hang out with my hubby, kids and grand kids. That is my life and it is perfect for me!

When I first hired my coach (Emily Benson of Stylish and Successful), one of the first things we discussed was about "Money Mindset". I figured what has that got to do with my business? My husband and I are very blessed...what possible issues could I have with my feelings about "money"? 

Well, let me tell you it was a HUGE eye opener and explained so many things throughout my entire 61 years of why I would feel a certain way of thinking or how I would even react to money and earning it. 

You see I am what has always been called a "creative" and my brain is wired a bit different then others---which is okay; it is just the way the Creator made me. And trust me---money has never been an important part of my creative mind---or at least so I thought.

You see there are reasons why I always think I have to "give it away",cause that is what I am suppose to do, to thinking I haven't earned the right to be rich on my own, and so much more that I will go into at some other time. But, what I did realize after many questions and looking deep into my past---I WAS PROGRAMMED TO BELIEVE ALL OF THIS BY MY father, mother, grandparents, and SOCIETY.

Well, I have definitely made a "shift in my mindset" about money----and it is unbelievable how God is blessing me even more, because one main thing I have ALWAYS done in business is to SERVE my customers. It is not just about selling a product, workshop or whatever----it is about serving them with the talent that God has given me to share....and it is OKAY to make money for the gifts God gave me to use. Because at the end of the day, there is a huge difference between "Giving it away" and "donating it to those in need". It is OKAY to earn money for my gifts and to feel worthy of those talents that I was born with, and what makes me who I am.

After 30 years of doing business as an artist and accessory designer, I am starting to "cleanse" out the old (such as closing my brick and mortar) and looking forward to taking my gifts to those women around the world thru my art, jewels, workshops and so much more that God has planned for me! 

So, the next time you are thinking "you are not worthy" or you are questioning "why" your business is not moving in the way you would want...tell yourself---

I DO deserve abundance from God

and continue to use your gifts to "serve---while earning money for the God given talents you were born with"---cause it is OKAY to do so!


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