Holiday Home Tour---The Trees!

I LOVE decorating my home, my showroom and my clients homes for Christmas----so, I thought I would take you on a quick tour of our home this Christmas.

I kept it pretty simple this year and fell in LOVE with the simplicity of it----EXCEPT our front doors! 

(We actually one First Place this year----been about 4 years since we have done that; but this year I made sure that I had my decorations up before the voting, because usually I am too late.  I also change my front door look every year----and sometimes I even have neighbors take their family Christmas photos in front of our doors.  What an honor!)

Welcome to our home----

Let's start with the trees!

Most of my trees are flocked, so I spend several days "fluffing" them out to get ready for ornaments, but this year you will see I used very little ornaments!

This is our "main" Christmas tree and I fell so in love with it's natural beauty---I only put extra branches on it and put a simple reindeer scene under it!

This is another "simple" tree that I use every year in other parts of the home, but this year staying with a more simply design---it fits perfect in the entry way!

The next tree I did in the home was our breakfast room (right off the kitchen) where we spend a lot of our time! Now this one is decorated to the max....

I went with a "blueberry and white snowmen" theme this year----

And of course can't forget the trees I decorate in my showroom!

I forgot to take pics of the trees in the other front window of the will try and remember to do that next week and add it.

Thanks for visiting, and next time I will show you our "4" fireplaces and how I decorated them!

From our home to yours----xoxo debi

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