Great Tips on Setting the Thanksgiving Table....

My family knows that I LOVE to come up with fun and creative ideas for setting the table for family and friend gatherings....especially during the holiday season! 

You can keep it simple or go all out, it is really about making everyone feel comfortable and special at your table where you share food and memories. 

At our home during the holidays, Thanksgiving is always at our home with all our kids and their spouses and friends; and we go to our daughter's home for Christmas because our grand children are older now and want to be home with all their new Santa gifts! (Can't blame them...I would too!)

Every year, I choose a different look for my table just like I do for Christmas decorating around the is how I start the process (FYI....I start looking at my theme in September to make sure that I have what I need). This is what I used last year....I went with creams, antiqued silver and grays!

I pull out one of each of my dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, glassware, napkins, and place mats....then I start piecing it all together. I try to come up with at least "2" styles that I want on the table for the adults....and of course I make special place settings from my grand children (always non-breakable!!!) I use "2 settings" around the adult table...they aren't the "same", but they all coordinate in texture and colors.

These are the styles and colors I went with for this year at our Thanksgiving table settings....blues, white and grays.

The adult table

the grand kids table is going to be cream and grays.

I will add some beautiful cobalt blue glasses for the adults and some sweet clear plastic juice glasses for the grand children....and I will be using old silver flatware. 

If you notice, I always use two coordinating place mats at each setting. I "layer" them and place the dish settings to the side of the bottom place mat, so that there is room for the silverware, glasses and little love notes I want to give everyone thanking them for who they are and what they achieved that year!

Until next time, remember to let your home tell YOUR life story! xoxox  debi

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