Fall DIY Centerpiece

Fall DIY Centerpiece

This is a super easy fall display for your table or kitchen counter....and can actually be changed up with the season by just changing out the flowers! 

First, I found a wooden box at Hobby Lobby, but it can be any type of container or tray! I then just added some clear glass bottles I had collected that I loved....

You can use as many or as little as you can find great clear glass containers or bottles at the Dollar Tree or at the thrift stores!

I then took some jute and ribbon, and just wrapped the bottles using my hot glue gun! (These are the only supplies I used....jute, ribbon, glue gun, white chalk paint, sanding distress the box...and some faux flowers.  Of course you can also fill the bottles with some water and put fresh flowers in them too!

And presto...easy peasy center piece! I was able to finish this project in less than 45 minutes!  (I sanded the edges of the box to give it a more distressed look). This will also look beautiful for a Christmas centerpiece, using pine needles and flowers in the color of your Christmas theme) many ways to use and decorate this simple piece!

Have fun and let me know what you were able to create!  

From our home to yours....xoxo  debi




  • Thanks Susan! Can’t wait to see what you do….xoxo deb
  • Wow! Simply stunning and beautiful…thank you for this wonderful idea; I am going to attempt this one soon!

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