Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Back Porch!

Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Back Porch!

One of the places that gets ignored sometimes, is our back porch! I don't know about you, but I LOVE to sit on my back porch during the entire year. 
But here are a few budget friendly tips to help decorate your porch no matter how large or small it is or even if it is covered or not! Bring your "inside" decor to your "outside" living and enjoy it!
  •  First, figure out what you are going to use a "specific" area of the porch for? ex: dining, relaxing with a good book, conversation area, or entertaining guests

  • Decide on a budget for the area based on what you want to use it for.

Now lets go shopping inside your home! Most of us always have furniture that we really aren't using (side table, accessories, etc) that can be used outside.

If your porch isn't a covered one, here is an easy fix......just get one of those large umbrellas or two to create a covered area (you can get them very inexpensive at your local Lowe's this one is only $43.00 at Lowe's with many different colors available)

    Now lets make a seating area.....These can be found on Amazon for only $124.00 for the entire outdoor set!

    Next I would get an outdoor "area rug" to define the space....again you can find these pretty inexpensive, such as this one from RugsUSA for only $82.00.

    Now comes the best part...the accessories! You can hang battery operated lights under the umbrellas, or on your porch overhang, add plants, add some pillows if you want in the chairs and if you have a wall behind the area hang some metal or outdoor art! 

    Accessories help pull the entire look have fun with it!

    From our home to yours....xoxo  debi


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