A Day For Decluttering....

A Day For Decluttering....

I spent the morning decluttering our breakfast room and boy does it feel took most of the morning, but I wanted to make sure that whatever was in this room made my heart "smile with gratitude"! 

The fireplace is very simple...and I love the simplicity of just having "1" stem of dried eucalyptus in each vase with just a few candles!

This time of year I LOVE having warm cozy soft blankets out to grab when I need one....and this beautiful woven linen basket was one that I bought years ago with my daughter. The perfect simple touch for the fireplace hearth....(in the winter for Christmas I will add some wrapped birch logs inside the basket)

This EXTREMELY heavy antique vase was from my grandmother and she always loved to pick hydrangeas from her garden...these are silk, but they remind me of her. These are also some of my FAVORITE books that I look at all the time and make my heart smile!

I have never liked having "shelves" in my bookcase cabinets, so I had them removed and added some tile and Stikwood to showcase some of my favorite treasures....

This is one my most favorite seats in the house and it is where I design and create a lot of time; and of course where Texan hubby and I eat...

The Santo statue has some of my favorite natural garland and wood rosaries that I have also collected when in Europe layered all over him....He also seems to get a lot of attention when people come to visit. (He was in my store for over 12 years, and I would never sell him...because I knew that someday he would have a special place in my home.)

As you can see, everything in this room has a lot of meaning to me and my family and when I look around the entire room it gives me a warm and cozy feeling and one truly filled with gratitude! (now onto the kitchen....OMG)!

From our home to yours....xoxo  debi




  • Thanks hon….this decluttering is difficult, but feels so great when it has been accomplished! xoxo deb
  • Really very inviting and lovely. ..

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