5 Steps on how to pick your "Theme" for Christmas Decorating

There is a "formula" on how I prepare for decorating for the holidays....especially Christmas! Here are "5" major tips to help get you started without feeling overwhelmed....

1) Pull out all your decor that is "white, clear, silver, and gold" (this is always the BASE you will use every year).

2) Pick your "theme" for the year around January or February! This inspiration can be anything from a beautiful painting, a pillow, a piece of home decor, wrapping paper, etc (IT DOES NOT have to be CHRISTMAS to get your inspiration)....take the colors from the inspiration that you LOVE, and that is what you will "add to" your holiday decor throughout the year! 

It could also be a specific "animal" such as an owl, deer, elf, Santa, or just nature such as greenery, berries, food, etc.  Your inspiration is endless...just make sure it is something you LOVE! Ex:  last year I added "blueberries" to my theme....which meant actually using faux blueberry bushes, and all shades of blue! 

3) Now all you have to do once your theme and color is decided....is purchase only "30%" of new items to bring this theme into your decor, from ornaments, greenery, centerpieces, ribbon, etc---saving on LOTS of money and time. This painting I found from I Canvas was my inspiration!

4)  When decorating a room, first thing you do is find the "focal or focal points" in the room. It could be a fireplace, windows, large piece of furniture etc.

Take your living room for example....decorate the fireplace area, the "main" coffee table, pillows and throws on the sitting areas, and the tree. You don't have to decorate the ENTIRE room....

5) I always decorate the tree first and then work around the room using what I have that are the golds, silvers, and clear items first...THEN I add in my theme colors and decor.

This year my main theme and colors are "rose gold"! The sweet Nutcracker in rose gold is from Big Lots!

So you get the idea...keep it fun and simple---you DON"T have to use everything every year and by adding just a few new items and colors to add to what you already have you will have several years of changing things around a bit without breaking the bank OR getting tired of the same old things every year!

 Until next time, remember to let your home tell YOUR life story! xoxox  debi

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