4 Common Mistakes We Make in Design....

Listed below are 4 common mistakes I see all the time that our clients make....only because they are not aware of them until shown the correct way to make their look have that WOW factor....

  • Rug Size
    a. always make sure that your entire furniture grouping fits on the rug
    b. if you aren't able to do that because of the size of the room, then just make sure that the front part of all the furniture fits on the rug
    c. before you buy a rug tape off the area of the room making sure one of the above works (a or b) and then that will be the size you will need!

    • Coffee Table is too far away from the main sitting area
      a. make sure the coffee table is closet to the couch---not the chair area
      b. use another side table for the chairs
      c. the table should be 36" from the front of the couch so it is easily accessible for you and your guests to reach their drinks, food, etc...

    • Wrong size of art on walls
      a. if you have a vertical wall, hang vertical art
      b. if you have a horizontal wall, hang horizontal art
      c. place the center of the art piece at the average eye level
      d. going "bigger" is always better....especially over a large piece of furniture such as a couch

     Vertical wall art sample
    Horizontal Wall Art

    • Curtains
      a. always hang the curtain rods as close to the top of the ceiling as you can!
      b. always get "DOUBLE" the amount of panelings (ex: get 2 panels for each side of the window instead of just one)

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    Until next time, remember to let your home tell YOUR life story! xoxox  debi

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