3 Budget Friendly....

3 Budget Friendly....

ways to update your home for any season!

Sometimes, we just don't have the budget to update an entire room...but, here are 3 very easy and inexpensive ways to add some cozy and entertaining ways to brighten up any room of your home.

  • fresh flowers
    a very easy way to bring beauty and freshness into a room without it costing a fortune! Just put your favorite flowers in a simple glass jar and it will automatically update the room


  • Candles

    bring in your favorite smelling candle with some pretty matches in a simple jar....add some books and even some flowers and this will again make the space cozy and enjoyable


  • DIY Marble/Wood Desk Top

    we all have a table or desk that really needs some updating, but instead of throwing it out or giving it is a perfect DIY to change the entire look and make all the difference in ANY ugly table or desk you have.

    Take the table or desk, and go buy your favorite marble or wood style of sticky paper on Amazon or any hardware store.  (links are in the pictures)


    All you have to do is measure the top both length and width, order enough rolls to cover the top, clean it with a normal cleaner and cut to size! Easy and trust me....will make it look real!


Have fun with these three easy ways to update any room or table in your home on a budget and everyone will think you spent a fortune!

From our home to yours....debi


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